Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear Photography Blog.

Sometimes in life we have to choose between good and evil, or between good and good.  Or between good and awesome.

Taking photo's is good, editing them is even better. . . but being a mommy is my awesome.

Someday I would love to make you prettier by attending expensive lavish clinic's, buying a fancy(er) camera, spending hours outside with people expending countless time on field experience.

Someday that may very well be my calling.

Today is not that day.

I am learning not to press against my calling.  My babies look to me for clean undies, healthy snacks, and kisses on the forehead when they run into the wall . . . again.  That is my calling.  My current state of awesomeness.  And I plan to do it intentionally, meaningful, and well.

Taking pictures is what contributes to the awesomeness, so in the side of my mind you shall currently remain until my center shifts which could very possibly be never.  Let's pray the side of my mind has a lot of room to hold all of the potentials and growth and terrific fulfillment offered by looking into another's life through your tiny lens and feeling like you have shared a part of their story.


  1. You ARE awesome!!! =D Sure do miss you!!

  2. that big smiley face sure looks funny in cursive..... I'll try a smaller smiley face :)