Friday, September 16, 2011

Our sweet friends

Man I had a ball.

I got to be "chefie" normal terms that means I got to be the boss on this session and it was such a treat.

I was ever so thankful for the threatening storm which allowed us to take this shin dig to an open area with chunky light posts, beautiful stairways, bench's.....all my most favorite things. And the rain began as we were walking to the cars. How did we get so lucky!

Sophi was the star. She was our number one priority. She was darling and sweet the whole time not to mention the darling idea's her mom cooked up with the chalkboard and pink chair. So perfect. We just followed her around while she lived her sweet one year old life. Thank you my wonderful Booth's! You are our bestest most faithful customer. We have done more sessions with you than anyone and it is truly our pleasure.

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