Thursday, August 4, 2011

One of my most favorite families
Of all time
Can you tell I love them?
They are hilarious.
As funny as Travis.
Laugh till it hurts funny.
We were laughing the whole time. This is what photography is meant to be.
The conversation topic was mostly -poop.
Who can't relate with poop.
Apparently they had all sat in or tracked poop on a recent outing and it was quite an episode.

I couldn't help but think that they call their dad the squirrel king, that is what I was laughing at the whole time.

Two beauties and such a lovely sister rapor.
The boys laughing about poop no doubt
The kid's say their dad looks like a genie in this picture. . . I have to agree. He jumped quite high though, I don't think there can be any mocking about that.
Oh.....such love birds.
Our beautiful women sweetly content
I'm in love with this pier
(don't tell Travis)

Thank you for a lovely afternoon, many laugh's, and helping us rejuvenate our picture taking gene.

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