Thursday, August 4, 2011

Favorite session of all time with my kids
Okay fine they are not my kids
Life's not fair

Isn't she absolutely stunning
This is exactly her personality.

He can't turn the charm off if he tries. Such.A.HAM.

Here's sqaush, right in the middle, right where he belongs.

Our two oldest. Don't they just ooze responsibility.

Oh there you are little lover. The newest addition
As you can imagine he is ridiculously loved.

How can they resist?
It is futile

These sweet pictures were taken as they were packing to move. I wanted to capture their time here in a photo. A date stamp of their year's of medical school, the memories and feelings a home carries with it so naturally. Their home felt as good as it looks.
And....she taught me how to make that most scrumptious wreath---and she didn't hate me one bit when I made it and hung it in my own home.
That is friendship.

Oh....look at Josh.
I mean really?
Are you in love with him too now?
Stand in line.
It's long, I'd bring a chair.

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